Clara Woods with fellow artist, Ben Young

Clara Woods' Awesome Day at Laguna Beach

Clara Woods' Awesome Day at Laguna Beach

Hey everyone!  We just had the best day ever hanging out at Laguna Beach with Clara Woods, her family, and their friend Judi. It was all about good vibes, cool art, and tons of fun.

First off, we checked out this art show by Ben Young. Ever heard of him? He's this incredible artist who makes art that really gets you thinking and feeling all sorts of things. Clara, even though she seemed a bit moody (teenagers, am I right?), actually got super into it. It was pretty cool to see how art could bring out different sides of us, making even the quiet moments speak volumes.

Now, let's talk about how Clara creates her art. She's not just making things look pretty; she's also thinking about our planet. Yep, Clara uses eco-friendly paint for her artwork, which is super awesome.

She shows us that being creative and caring for the environment can go hand in hand. Clara picks safe paints and smart ways to be kind to the Earth while making her art. It's like she's saying, "We can create amazing art and take care of our planet at the same time!" By choosing eco-friendly options, Clara is setting an example and reminding us that we can all help make a difference. It's a big hint that creativity and eco-friendliness can work together to make art even more amazing.

And guys, the sunset at Laguna Beach? Absolutely stunning! The sky was filled with pinks, oranges, and purples as the sun dipped down. We all just stood there, totally in awe. Moments like that are just magical.

And the food! We had some Brazilian dishes that were out of this world. The flavors were dancing in our mouths – so delicious. There was even some actual dancing because the vibe was just right. When you're feeling that happy, why not dance, right?

If you're looking for a fun day trip or some inspiration, Laguna Beach is the place to be. Between the awesome art, breathtaking sunsets, and yummy food, it's a win-win. Hanging out with loved ones just makes it even better.

Thanks for coming along on this virtual adventure with us. Remember, there's always something new and exciting to discover, so keep exploring and finding those little moments that make life awesome.

Catch the full adventure on this vlog:




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