dream big! work hard!

Dream Big! Work Hard!

Who is behind clara? What is happening behind the scenes? Who is that blond and unconventional dude dancing with her? Where is mamma? Who is creating content for Instagram?

Here we are! And we'll try to tell our story like never before.

Dream big! Work hard!: Well, I'll start from here because it is the definition from the YES that changed our lives.

One night sitting on the couch Clara asked me to go to New York and have an art show there as Frida Kahlo did. I answered YES, we can try. We will have to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. I think that inside of me, it was the answer I was searching for to help Clara build a future, and it became my biggest challenge.

We realized that Clara would not have a regular life after she started elementary school. I was worried and started asking myself and asking Carlo: what will be her future? How can we help her to have a purpose in life?

I was determined to help Clara become a digital influencer. I worked with marketing, and Clara had the profile to influence people to be happier in life, to be grateful, and to love unconditionally. Clara was only ten years old when I started her social media accounts.

Then art arrived, and it was an excellent combination to work with. Today Carlo and I are dedicated full time to Clara's brand, investing all our resources in it. We comprehend that if we have other projects and works that do not include Clara, as a consequence, she would be going to an Institute. So we create something we can work on together with her, adding value to our family, to the environment around us, and breaking barriers.