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Clara is a 17 year old artist who sees the world differently. Clara had a perinatal stroke, and can't read, write or speak but understands English, Italian and Portuguese. She expresses herself through raw and honest art. So it is Clara's brand that breaks the standards. It is a language all its own that speaks to the soul.

Clara's art reflects her life and how she sees the world. It is a beautiful representation of the life she dreams and the satisfaction she finds in living.

Some things we can only express in life through art. Whether it's the joy of first love, the pain of a loss, or the euphoria of a victory, art has a way of reaching into our souls and touching something that words alone cannot.

In a world where so much seems wrong, it's important to remember that rejoicing and chasing your dreams is possible. Art can represent what we crave in the world: happiness, love, beauty, and peace. It can be a reminder that, even during darkness, it is still possible to dream.

Clara's Mix Collection

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adding color & happiness to your life is easy with clara's artwork

Limited Edition Prints

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Unique artworks, full of emotions.

Original Artworks

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Do you think this is impossible? Clara does not.

"My dream is to see my paintings hanging in every house in the world."Click here to find out why

you will be sure to find something you love & inspire you to dream! clara has a wide range of collections that are constantly being updated with new & iconic pieces.

clara's art collectors club

It goes without saying Clara is an amazingly talented young lady. But it is her unparalleled abilities as a visual artist that separate her from the rest. Each piece of her art not only is aesthetically pleasing but also tells a unique story.

David, Vancouver

You will not find this combination elsewhere. I love them and I will always love them because of the spirit that created them: bright, powerful, punchy, funny, poignant, and imperfect. Clara is all of us when we step out of our houses, vulnerable, brave, and curious.

Beth, NC

I am following your account mainly because my daughter who is 10 now also has a perinatal stroke. We were having a long journey full of fear and sorrow. Seeing how happy, confident and inspiring Clara is and how you handle everything the way you do it as parents and brother - gives me hope and positive thoughts for hard days. You are so awesome ❤️

Julie, Florida

I knew I could not come to Florence, I would have liked to see the paintings live, but the beauty, the strength, the joy of those paintings had struck me.The painting is in our kitchen, it accompanies us every day, from morning to evening , when we find ourselves around the table.

Pia, Milan

Clara really cheers me up, i lost my wife in november, so its been tough, but i can watch her videos and it brings me out of the dumps,! She is an amazing child!!!

Frank, NY

Hello Clara, I just received buddy today, it is beyond amazing! You are an incredibly talented Artist, I consider myself fortunate to be able to have one of your works in My Home. Also thank you so very much for the kind words on your postcard, there is so much joy and inspiration that your words bring. Even though I am 52 years old when I grow up I wanna be like you!
Again thank you so much for your Amazing creativity you have. All the best! Steven

Steven, Austin

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