Clara Woods

Clara is a 16 years old painter, an artist, and a model, who had a prenatal stroke and can't write, read or speak but understands three languages.

In 2018, with the support of her family, Clara got inspired by Frida Kahlo, her muse, to make her first exhibition that happened in Florence, Italy, where Clara was born.

Since then, Clara has made around 30 exhibitions on three continents, sold more than 650 paintings internationally, and moved to California after holding her American Visa as an extraordinary talent. 

One of the goals of Clara and her family is to talk about inclusion and diversity and help other people to rise and shine.

Clara is raising her voice through her social media channels and across the media. She was featured on Forbes, Grazia, ArtsLife, FAD, and other major newspapers. Clara's art and life were the themes for two documentaries and two books for children.

In December 2021, Clara was invited by the LVMH group to exhibit in Miami during Art Basel to celebrate the international day of people with disabilities.

Welcome to Clara's World!


This is us!

You will not find this combination elsewhere. I love them and I will always love them because of the spirit that created them: bright, powerful, punchy, funny, poignant, and imperfect. Clara is all of us when we step out of our houses, vulnerable, brave, and curious.

Beth, North Caroline, USA

I am following your account mainly because my daughter who is 10 now also has a perinatal stroke. We were having a long journey full of fear and sorrow. Seeing how happy, confident and inspiring Clara is and how you handle everything the way you do it as parents and brother - gives me hope and positive thoughts for hard days. You are so awesome ❤️

Julie, Florida

I knew I could not come to Florence, I would have liked to see the paintings live, but the beauty, the strength, the joy of those paintings had struck me.The painting is in our kitchen, it accompanies us every day, from morning to evening , when we find ourselves around the table.

Pia, Milano, Italy

I love Clara. And I bought a painting when I was in Firenze. She is great! I think her work is super colorful that brings joy to our day.

Tatiana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Clara really cheers me up, i lost my wife in november, so its been tough, but i can watch her videos and it brings me out of the dumps,! She is an amazing child!!!

Frank, Virginia

Hello Clara, I just received buddy today, it is beyond amazing! You are an incredibly talented Artist, I consider myself fortunate to be able to have one of your works in My Home. Also thank you so very much for the kind words on your postcard, there is so much joy and inspiration that your words bring. Even though I am 52 years old when I grow up I wanna be like you!
Again thank you so much for your Amazing creativity you have. All the best! Steven

Steven, USA

It goes without saying Clara is an amazingly talented young lady. But it is her unparalleled abilities as a visual artist that separate her from the rest. Each piece of her art not only is aesthetically pleasing but also tells a unique story.

David, Toronto, Canada

Hi Clara. I hope you had a wonderful day! Your positive outlook on life is truly amazing! I really enjoy your videos…I wish more people in this world could be as positive as you are!! I suffer from bi polar manic depression, among a few other things. yet seeing you so happy in your vids truly make me so happy. Thank you for being so positive, and having such kindness in your heart!!

Drew, New York

The powers of love, joy of life and loneliness are strong in Clara's art. The dialogue of love is endless, it never stops. No longer just seeing these images to immerse yourself in Clara's world, but to see through her eyes.

Edith, Cucuron, France

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