Pumpkin, Painting, Acrylic on canvas, 2022 (48"x36")


"Pumpkin" is a painting that Clara made of her first pet called Pumpkin. As a full-time work mom, I never wanted pets because of the work behind them, but Clara and Davi asked for one for a long time. During Christmas 2021, our neighbor came and offered them a hamster. I couldn't say now to them because their eyes had so much life and love asking for it.
Clara couldn't enjoy him so much because he was so small and fast. Carlo and Davi decided to build a big cage, but Pumpkin gnawed and scaped. After one day, we found Pumpkin dead. We spent little time with Pumpkin, but he led Clara to find two guinea pigs on Offer Up to give to Davi on his birthday.
As you know, one of the guinea pigs, Caramel, became a "son" for Clara, and she is literally in love with him!
This artwork is primarily different from Clara's paintings because she uses just two colors and doesn't change tons. A signal of a new expression in her art. She also signed in front, a thing that she rarely does.

Acrylic painting on canvas, 2022
Serial number CW0645
122x91x4 cm

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