Poppy - Painting, Acrylic on MDF, 2022, (50x40")

Type: Artwork

The poppy is a famous flower, and we see it in California a lot. Since Clara is a kid, she has liked it a lot and has already painted two artworks with poppies. This time a collector asked Clara to paint one.

And Clara did! She painted a giant poppy in pop art style, mixing symmetric with asymmetric, which is not common in Clara's art. At least until today.
When someone asks us for a commission, they have total freedom to like it and keep it or not. We understand that art is a subjective feeling. This time the collector didn't want to keep it, so now it is available for everyone that wants to have a Clara's Poppy hanging on the wall.

Acrylic on MDF, 2022
140 x 101 cm