My brain rocks, Painting, Oil on canvas, 2022 (24x24")

Type: Artwork

"My Brain Rocks" is the painting Clara did to celebrate who she is and all the ways that she found to overcome difficulties. In the artwork, her brain is on fire, like a fast rocket where creativity and joy flow.

Pay attention to the details:
- The left hand and foot are so much bigger than the right one (the left side is the one that works in Clara's mobility)
- It has a messy background that relates to Clara's different ways of organizing her thoughts and brain mechanisms.
- A fast black train seems to want to go over Clara's thoughts, her fear of having new seizures.
- A big heart inside her body symbolizes her will to make a difference in this world.

"My Brain Rocks" is the second artwork that Clara did during her painting summer camp on the beach in 2022. It was Clara's second experience painting with oil, and she had a great time. She created three mesmerizing paintings that perfectly captured that time's unique experience and atmosphere.

Oil on canvas, 2022
Serial number: CW0721
24" x 24"
61 x 61 cm