I'm Thankful, Painting, Acrylic on non woven and paper (97x55")

Type: Artwork

Did you already see a video of Clara doing unbox? If not, you should because it is one of the best examples of someone being thankful!

Clara reminds me to give value to the small things in life almost daily. Her happiness with having a cup of Starbucks is contagious. She does not take it for granted, even if it is just one more cup of coffee for most of us.

In the artwork "I'm Thankful," Clara represents happiness with a big sun called Jojo that has a smile that brings light to everyone. Jojo looks after Clara, represented by a small heart flower in a big and messy garden as it is in life. The heart flower is trying to grow and flourish despite all the difficulties along the way. 

Sometimes Clara is sad. She cries because she can't speak or because she does not have friends her age. Sometimes Clara is not smiling anymore because she is tired of constantly pushing her body off limits to do daily things such as putting on her socks or opening a paint. But after just some minutes, she realizes Jojo is there, shining his light and waiting patiently for her. So she dries her tears, she smiles, and she keeps dreaming.

I'm Thankful
Acrylic on non-woven and paper, 2022
97 x 55"
246 x 140 cm

Do you want to know the story behind the material:

We worry for the planet and we were concerned about bringing all the paintings to Miami and how we could decrease the environmental impact.
Clara's paintings are huge, creating a massive "waste" in packaging and shipping. Carlo found a suitable material (non-woven fabric) for the support that is rollable.
We shared with Clara this new material solution, and she loved it. Listen to what she said:
"This new material my dad found is lovely to create because I can have much more freedom than the framed canvas, where I'm limited to the canvas's size and structure.
Using a raw material is much more connected with my creativity and will to express myself than the framed canvas.
My collectors will have a blast hanging my raw version creating a versatile environment that expresses my essence: be different, be yourself."

This artwork will be shipped in a tube. 

All the artworks are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.