"I See You" - Virgil Abloh

Type: Tele

"I see you." Clara made this portrait of Virgil some months ago. She was expecting to meet him in Miami this week to give it to him directly. She wanted so much to give a hug to him because he saw her and he believed in her.

I started following Virgil last year, and he became a big inspiration for me. So I shared with Clara, and through his work and thoughts, he became a friend in our hearts and constant presence in our conversations. We meet the sweetheart Haleigh Rosa through his page, and they send a pair of Offwhite shoes for Clara to paint and some clothes. Clara felt so much loved and valued.

We also met Kris Foster, and yesterday, after the sad news, we spoke on the phone, and Kris told me that Virgil said to him: "I see you." This phrase changed his life.

Virgil saw so many people that others couldn't see, and we are so grateful for that. Thank you, Virgil; you will live forever in our hearts.

The three girls in the portrait are Clara, me, and Haleigh!


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