Fifi - Original Drawing, Marker on paper, 2022 (14x17)

Type: Artwork

Fifi is a self-portrait that Clara made on one of her chilly after-school afternoons! Fifi is a nickname I started calling Clara when she was a tiny baby. I don't know why I started that, maybe because I used to call Carlo: Fifo.

The nice thing is that my beloved grandma Cida was called by her closest friend Fifi, so I think it was an unconscious recall to remember my grandma that I miss a lot.
In this self-portrait, Fifi is a bit serious; maybe she is thinking about her time off school or the following art events. Lots of nice things going on!

Marker on paper, 2022
14 x 17"
36 x 43 cm

The frame is not included; the frame in the photo is for illustrative purposes only.