Family in Paradise (40x114 cm / 16"x45")

Type: Tele

"Family in Paradise" is the portrait of our family together with God in Paradise. Clara painted God next to her grandfather Ghi and then the group left on earth: Clara, Davi, Betina, Carlo, and grandmother Nina. Each of us is represented by a tree. Clara added the sun and clouds to complete the landscape.

Acrylic on wood, 2021
40 x 114 cm
16 "x 45"

All the original works are accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity which contains all the data of the work, the serial number, the photo, and the signatures that certify that the art is by Clara.

Preparation time for the shipment of the original works: 1 week
Average time for shipping to the United States with FedEx: 1 week
Average time for shipping to Europe with FedEx and customs clearance: 7-15 days