Family Heart - Painting, acrylic and glitter on plywood, 2021 (23,5"x23,5)

Type: Tele

Clara loves glitter, and a few days ago, I gave them a box full of colored glitter. She couldn't wait to use them, and she found the right opportunity as she created the collection of her hearts.
The nice thing about this painting is that she used white as a background and played with the colors of the glitter. As a final touch, she drew three hearts representing her mother, father, and the one in the middle of her.
Do you see that the middle heart is drawn in the opposite direction of the other two hearts? For me, it's a super lovely detail that enhances her awareness of being unique and loving herself for who she is.

Family Heart
"HeartBeat" Collection
Serial number: CW0598
Acrylic and glitter on MDF
60 x 60 x 0.5 cm
23.5 "x 23.5" x 1/4 "

The original works are accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity, which contains all the work data, the serial number, the photo, and the signatures that certify that the art is by Clara.

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