Choc Hospital - Original drawing, marker on paper, 2021 (14x17")


"Choc Children" is one of Clara's most elaborate artworks in her carrier. She spent hours and hours sketching and coloring the windows of Choc hospital. For a girl with ADHD and concentration problems, this is huge.

Using lots of colors, Clara shows a lot of precision in respecting lines and borders, and the detail of happy, sad, and scared faces in some windows are impressive.

The main door shows Clara's name, as is her room, and I think she is lying down.

The draw is unique, and it is the mark of a new phase in Clara's art pieces.

Carlo built a 3D wood frame with recycled material for this drawing. You can see the details in the pictures.

Marker on paper and wood, 2021
36x46 cm

This collection is inspired by the day that Clara went to Choc Pediatric Hospital to do her electroencephalogram. Clara was very anxious about that because it was her first time in the hospital in America. She needed to do this exam for one day and one night to check her brain and understand more about seizures. She is not having for a long time, and the doctors were amazed that everything was working so well. Clara stayed in the hospital with Carlo (dad) and had a good time there.