Be Happy, Painting, Acrylic on non woven and paper (40x39")

Type: Artwork

Happiness. It's something we all want, but what is it? Is it a state of mind? A permanent emotion? A physical sensation?

These days, everyone is trying to show how happy they are and how their lives are extraordinary. But what does that mean for the rest of us? Are we satisfied if we're not constantly posting pictures of ourselves with huge smiles?

Happiness is different for everyone. It makes us feel good - mentally, physically, and emotionally. And it's something we all deserve to experience.

Clara painted "Be Happy" to spread positivity. A big smile face on the painting says it all. We all want to feel happiness, which we all deserve. Clara's artwork reminds us that we should always strive to find happiness no matter what happens.

Clara loves making paintings that make people smile. "Be Happy" is full of bright colors and happy vibes and makes us joyful. I love how Clara used colors to create a happy and uplifting scene.

Clara teaches me daily to spread joy even if I'm having a bad day. She comes to me, looks into my eyes, and uplifts her left arm saying: mom, you are strong! Everything will be ok!

Then she smiles and does a sign: she uses her finger to put her mouth up. And with this sign, she is saying: Mom, be happy; we will make it!

So let's start spreading joy and learn what happiness means!

Be Happy
Acrylic and glitter on non-woven and paper, 2022
40 x 39"
101 x 99 cm

Do you want to know the story behind the material:

We worry for the planet and we were concerned about bringing all the paintings to Miami and how we could decrease the environmental impact.
Clara's paintings are huge, creating a massive "waste" in packaging and shipping. Carlo found a suitable material (non-woven fabric) for the support that is rollable.
We shared with Clara this new material solution, and she loved it. Listen to what she said:
"This new material my dad found is lovely to create because I can have much more freedom than the framed canvas, where I'm limited to the canvas's size and structure.
Using a raw material is much more connected with my creativity and will to express myself than the framed canvas.
My collectors will have a blast hanging my raw version creating a versatile environment that expresses my essence: be different, be yourself."

All the artworks are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.