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And if you're here, it's because something in Clara's story and art struck a chord with you.

We have so many tales to tell, but before we get into that, we wanted to give you some information.

Let's go?!

Here is why your support is so important to Clara

She is a painter, artist, and model who experienced a prenatal stroke. As a result, she cannot read, write, or speak. However, she does understand Portuguese, Italian, and English.

Clara works with her family to grow her brand "Clara Woods Collection" and to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion!

In Clara's world, everyone is invited to celebrate inclusion and diversity. Through her art and social media channels, Clara spreads the message that each one of us has unique gifts and talents to share. By sharing her own story, she inspires others to rise and shine.

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her family! her team!

Hi, I'm Clara! Welcome to my world!

Hi Everyone, I'm Clara Woods, and I had a stroke when I was in the safest place in the world. My mom's womb. I'm 16 years old and understand Portuguese, English, and Italian, but I can't speak, write or read. I'm using a text-to-speech app, and I wrote this text with my mom. Yes, I speak Italian because I was born and raised in Florence. Also, my dad was born in Italy but is half dutch and half Canadian. I can understand Portuguese because my mom is from Brazil.

My disability might not seem ideal, and I don't have as many friends as some people my age. But I'm working hard to build a great future for myself. And to be honest, sometimes I wish I could be "normal" like everyone else. Even though I'm only 16, I have a lot of experiences to share. But don't worry, I'll keep it short and sweet!

After my parents discovered that I had a severe brain injury from a stroke, the doctors told them I would be like a vegetable. They were wrong, and I'm so grateful.

I started painting because I wanted to do something productive with my life, and I enjoyed it. It's an excellent way for me to relax and be 100% myself.

My mom was worried about what I was going to do after school. She's really into marketing, so she thought I could be an excellent digital influencer. When I was ten, she started managing my social media channels. Then one day, she gave me a book about Frida Kahlo.

I was in love when I laid eyes on Frida Kahlo. I showed my mom the book page where Frida was doing her exhibition in New York and begged her to have my exhibition there, as Frida did. She said yes, let's give it a shot!

That, yes, changed all our lives. Dream big!

My first exhibition was in March 2018, a life-changing event. Since then, I have exhibited my paintings on three continents and sold over 700 of them worldwide. My parents sold their business to follow me, and now I am an entrepreneur. I have been featured in important magazines, such as Forbes; I have also been granted an American visa as an extraordinary talent. Because of this, we have moved from Italy to California to promote my career.

That's it! If you want to find out more about me, you can Google Clara Woods.



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