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The United States, Canada, and Mexico (Flat Rate): 9.9$
UK and Europe (Flat Rate): 30$
Rest of the world: It will be calculated during the checkout

Preparation time for the shipment: 4 days
Average time for shipping to the United States with courier: 1 week
Average time for shipping to Europe with courier and customs clearance: 7-15 days

Any extra costs, charges, taxes, and duties that a country outside of the United States may apply, for any reason, to the products purchased are the responsibility of the Consumer.

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If you don't like your painting or it does not fit well on your wall, you can return it within ten days of the date you received it at your home.

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All paintings and drawings are original pieces of art, handmade by Clara.

Commissions are necessarily requests. You can order the art you want that Clara paints for you. All
commissions are originals.

Prints are reproductions of original artworks. To create the print, high resolutions photographs are taken of
the artwork and then printed out on a supersized printer. All prints are a limited edition and come
signed by Clara along with a unique edition number and the authentic certification.

Please reach out to us with your idea via or +1 424 542 4803, and we will respond after we have a chance to speak with Clara. The more details you can provide, the better, and if you have any relevant pictures (for example, if your idea is for a portrait), please include those as well.

Yes! We are always running or attending events to give everyone a chance to see the work up close and personal. You can follow the latest news in Clara's social media channels or subscribe to the newsletter. You can also book a visit to Clara's studio in Huntington Beach or organize to have a drink together writing a text message to +1 424 542 4803 or an email to

There is a mathematical formula, known to the art market practitioners, which is used to define the economic value of the works based on a parameter called the artistic coefficient. The coefficient is a score, starting from 0.1 0.2 up to 1/3 for an established world-class artist.

Based on the artist’s Curriculum Vitae, the first element that counts to define the value of an emerging artist, this score is assigned at the beginning of the career.

The coefficient of the young artist follows the trend of his or her career growth. The same artist can also
have different coefficients based on the artistic technique used, ranging from painting to sculpture, from
photography to video art, to name a few.

Yes, we absolutely have! Clara owns half the company with Betina; it's an LLC. We chose to open a company instead of a non-profit because Clara is an artist, and her disability doesn't define her professional path or her brand.

Betina is managing hte company and Clara's carrier.

We love speaking at events about big dreams, art, inclusion, and disability!

If you're interested in having us at your event, shoot us an email at

We can't wait to be a part of it!

Clara loves to draw, so we always have paper, pencils, and pens that she can use at home or outside.
Her schedule depends on school and in the events or work that she needs to accomplish.
In normal weeks Clara paints Monday and Saturdays mornings.

Clara loves to paint and be surrounded by color. She gets her inspiration from her daily life, the people she meets, and the places she goes. Sometimes she just loves to paint with no thinking about it and then she creates her abstract pieces.
We need to help Clara with the organization around the painting: opening and closing the paint, cleaning brushes, moving canvases. Normally Carlo is the facilitator.

It varies. Most of the time, after Clara completes the painting, she doesn't want to do anything else (sign, give titles...) Betina usually provides the titles inspired by what she knows of the artwork. Clara typically shares the story behind the painting, but sometimes she doesn't want to say anything about it. Just a few times does she title the artwork.

It was a prenatal stroke. So when Clara was still inside the belly! We just discovered after she was born around nine months old. Doctors said to us that she should be a vegetable, but we are so grateful that they were wrong.

Clara's zest for communication knows no bounds. We have tried many things to help her express herself, including tablets, sign language, and CAA. However, Clara has developed her own gestural language that's actually quite simple to understand once you spend some time with her. Additionally, she uses a text-to-speech app.

She loves it! After her first exhibition, she understands she also had a place in this world. Meeting new people, traveling the world, and meeting new artists are all ways to make Clara's life more joyful. Clara is a party girl who wants to live!

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