Clara is the ambassador for new campaign: #createopportunity

Clara is the ambassador for new campaign: #createopportunity

Clara is the ambassador for new campaign: #createopportunity

Hey, friends! I've got some awesome news about® and their cool initiative called #CreateOpportunity. It's all about showing how we can help our planet by shopping smartly. This means choosing things that have been used before, so we can give them a new life. And the best part? When we shop this way, we're also helping our local communities. How cool is that?® are super excited about this #CreateOpportunity project. It's not just about being good to the Earth; it's also about helping people in our own neighborhoods.

Introducing Clara Woods: Teen Artist and Planet Helper

Now, let's talk about Clara Woods. She's only 17, but she's doing big things! Clara is an amazing artist and the first person to help lead this #CreateOpportunity project. What's super special about Clara is her story. She had a stroke when she was a baby, which made some things hard for her, but she found her passion in art. Clara's art is like her heart speaking to the world.

Even though it's tough for her to read, write, and speak, she's great at sharing her art and ideas on TikTok and Instagram. She's got a huge online family (over 700,000 people!) who love and support her.

Whoa, you've made it this far into the post! High five! 🙌 We're super happy you're part of Clara's world. As a thank you, why not check out our limited edition print collection? And here's the fun part - you can snag a 25% discount if you use the code BLOG at checkout! But hurry, it's just for today! Plus, you'll get a hand-signed print with a serial number and a certificate of authenticity. How cool is that? Go, go, go!Clara's Important Role

Being one of the ambassadors for #CreateOpportunity is really important to Clara. She's excited to be part of something that's bigger than just herself. She wants to show everyone that even when life gives you challenges, you can turn them into opportunities to do awesome things.

Clara believes shopping in a planet-friendly way is super important for our future. She uses things that have already been used to make her art, helping to keep our Earth happy and healthy.

Clara and the family are creating cute, funny, crazy and different content every Saturday to show how cool is to shop at and promote change and help to create opportunities. Did you see it?

Check some of them here: 

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