Pink Power, Painting, Acrylic on cardboard, 2023 (19x19")

Type: Artwork

"Pink Power" is a vibrant and energetic 19x19" acrylic painting on cardboard. This piece bursts with bright yellows and bold pinks, colors that shout out cheer and strength. Clara painted this as a high-five to all the power girls out there, celebrating women's empowerment and the spark they bring to the world.

While the corners of this artwork have a little bit of scratch, it's just like life's little imperfections that make our stories unique. It's a reminder that even when things aren't perfect, there's beauty and power in the journey.

This painting isn't just about bright colors. It's part of the bigger picture that Clara loves: the Inclusion Matters movement. It's about making sure everyone, no matter who they are, gets to stand tall and shine bright.

"Pink Power" comes with a special certificate to show it's a genuine piece from Clara. Before you display this burst of joy and boldness, we suggest framing it to protect and enhance its beauty, just like it does in Clara's heart.

Acrylic on canvas, 2023
Serial number: CW0901
19" x 19"
48 x 48 cm

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martin stephenson
Pink Power

I absolutely love this painting. It is being framed and I cannot wait to get it back to hang on to our wall. I love the vibrancy, the confidence and positivity that comes across in the painting.
Arrived well packaged in a week or so and I'm really really happy with my purchase. Love following Clara's adventures on Instagram too. What a beautiful and talented young lady she is.

eheheehe! We are so glad you loved it! Sending lots of love back!