My Vincent (Van Gogh), Painting, Acrylic on canvas, 2023 (48"x36")


Hey, check this out! "My Vincent" is Clara Woods' cool tribute to the one and only Van Gogh. This isn't just a painting; it's like a high-five across history to one of her favorite artists. Clara's love for Van Gogh started in Vicenza, Italy, and you can totally see that spark in this piece.

It's part of her "My Favorite Artist's" collection, which just shows you how much these legends mean to her. And guess what? Clara's art isn't just about making your walls look awesome; it's got value, too. Remember that Basquiat piece that sold for over five grand? Yep, that's the vibe we're talking about.

This 48x36" is more than just paint and canvas. It comes with a certificate to prove it's legit, Clara's signature on the back, and a special serial number. So, if you're into art that's got heart and a story, this is it. It's original, it's for sale, and it's waiting to brighten up your place and your day.

Want in? Grab this piece and let Van Gogh's spirit and Clara's creativity remind you to choose joy every day. Go on, get your hands on "My Vincent" before it's the one that got away!

Acrylic on canvas, 2023
Serial number CW0868
122x91x4 cm

The frame is not included; the frame in the photo is for illustrative purposes only.

Clara's original pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity with all the information about the artwork.

What are suitable places in my house to place the art piece?
It is a very personal decision, and it depends on your taste. But we advise you to hang it in a place where you can see and live it daily. Clara's paintings bring joy to your life and can flourish emotions you never imagined.

How to install the artwork on the wall when it arrives?
In most cases, when Clara paints on canvas, she paints the borders, so it is unnecessary to frame the painting. The boards are part of the artwork. To hang it on the wall, you can easily follow a youtube tutorial that teaches how to do it in short steps.

Clara Woods's brief history
What an inspiration Clara is! Despite doctors' prognoses, she defied the odds and accomplished much. She can't speak, write or read but understands Portuguese, English, and Italian. Clara has found a way to express herself and connect with the world through art. It is so lovely that her story touched so many people!

In 2018, with the support of her family, Clara was inspired by Frida Kahlo, her muse, to make her first exhibition. This exhibition took place in Florence, Italy, where Clara was born. Since then, Clara has made around 30 exhibitions on three continents, and in 2021, Louis Vuitton hosted Clara's art show at Art Basel, Miami. She sold over 700 paintings internationally and moved to California after receiving her American Visa as an extraordinary talent.

In Clara's world, everyone is invited to celebrate inclusion and diversity. Through her art and social media channels, Clara spreads the message that each one of us has unique gifts and talents to share. By sharing her own story, she inspires others to rise and shine.

Clara has been featured in Forbes, Grazia, ArtsLife, and other major publications. She is also the subject of two documentaries and two children's books.

Clara lives, studies and creates her art in Huntington Beach, California, since Christmas 2020.

Check Clara's press history here

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The United States, Canada, and Mexico: 9.9$
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If you don't like your painting or it does not fit well on your wall, you can return it within ten days of the date you received it at your home.


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