My happy place, Painting, Oil on canvas, 2022 (24x30")

Type: Artwork

This painting retracts Clara's happy place. Painting outside, on the beach surrounded by the waves and friendly people, makes Clara happy. She sometimes gets so lost in her artwork that she overlooks time.
It's a place where she can relax and be herself. We hope this painting brings joy to whoever views it, and it reminds everyone that it life is good and we should celebrate it much more!

"My Happy Place" is the third artwork that Clara did during her painting summer camp on the beach in 2022. It was Clara's second experience painting with oil, and she had a great time. She created three mesmerizing paintings that perfectly captured that time's unique experience and atmosphere.

Oil on canvas, 2022
Serial number: CW0722
24" x 30"
61 x 76 cm