Lulu and Choco - Original drawing, marker on paper, 2022 (14x17")

Type: Artwork

Lulu and Choco are Clara's guinea pigs. If you follow us on social media, you have probably already seen them. Clara always wanted to have animals, but for our lifestyle, it was impossible. We are constantly traveling and busy. Finally, for a lot of reasons, Clara got two pets. She loves Choco and takes care of them as a mom.
Choco is black and white and sweet. He loves to be cuddled, and he loves to eat. Lulu is brown and white and a grumpy boy. He does not like to be in the arms a lot and fights with Choco.
How cute is the way that Clara wrote Choclate? Hearts, a big happy sunny, and a small ghost on Lulu's side complete the artwork!

Marker on paper, 2022
36x43 cm

The frame is not included; the frame in the photo is for illustrative purposes only.