Keep Pushing, Painting, Acrylic on non woven and paper (48x48")

Type: Artwork

Do you know that Clara spends double the energy of a "typical" person doing any activity? For everything she does, she needs to think and calculate the combination of her unbalanced body, her mobility issues, and the environment around her and decide what to do as a next step. She is used to it, and sometimes it sucks always to have to prevent things. Clara is now 16, and she is a control freak.

To reduce Clara's gap between what she wants to do and what she can do, she built a mechanism that controls the most she can. It gives her peace to live.

As you know, life is never as we expect, and most of the time, Clara needs to readapt her reality to new stimuli and situations that she can't control.

And this is what this painting is about: when you feel that the universe is against you; when you think your plans are not working out; when you feel that you want a new life; when you feel sad or want to give up this is what this artwork is saying to you: Keep Pushing!

Those are two words that Clara knows and puts into action very well.

After Clara was born and diagnosed with a prenatal stroke and, as a consequence, cerebral palsy, doctors gave her a death sentence: Mom, your daughter will be useless. She will not be able to understand and do everyday things in life. They said I should cry because from that moment on; my life would be a nightmare.

As a family, we never believed in this death sentence, and we did everything we could to give Clara all the awareness she needed to live to the fullest.

Clara is a massive example of how to believe in me and keep pushing when things are not going in the direction I want.

Every day Clara wakes up and chooses life.
Every day she chooses to see the positive things instead the negative.
Every day Clara chooses colors to paint the dark side of her disability.
Every day Clara decides to keep pushing to bring awareness that you can be happy being yourself!

This painting is all about that; we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Keep Pushing
Acrylic on non-woven and paper, 2022
48 x 48"
122 x 122 cm

Do you want to know the story behind the material:

We are worried for the planet and were concerned about bringing all the paintings to Miami and how we could decrease the environmental impact.
Clara's paintings are huge, creating a massive "waste" in packaging and shipping. Carlo found a suitable material (non-woven fabric) for the support that is rollable.
We shared with Clara this new material solution, and she loved it. Listen to what she said:
"This new material my dad found is lovely to create because I can have much more freedom than the framed canvas, where I'm limited to the canvas's size and structure.
Using a raw material is much more connected with my creativity and will to express myself than the framed canvas.
My collectors will have a blast hanging my raw version creating a versatile environment that expresses my essence: be different, be yourself."

All the artworks are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.