Denim 567 - #08 - W36 L32

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Type: Pants

Denim Levi's 567 #08

W36 L32

Clara's denim collection was born to create something different that reflects the idea of being ourselves and loving it.

We wanted pieces with recycled material to make a sustainable line, and we found the perfect Denim: Second hand Levi's.

Almost all the long pants are 501, and the short pants are different Levi's models.

Clara worked in each piece incorporating her art with feelings of the day, dreams, delusions, and for sure with her joy of living (you can check it out in her Instagram reels)

Since each pair of jeans is a unique piece, we will ask you to give a name from your heart to it and create a story for it.

I named my jeans number #001 Joana. Joana was a special girl, with black eyes and red hair. Joanna loved to go out in these jeans to walk on the beach and ride her bike. When she met the love of her life, she was using it.

Be different! Be yourself!

Clara used acrylic for textile paint.

Note that the jeans are recycled so that they will come with imperfections. You can see the details in the photo.

Following the paintwork, the jeans got washed at medium temperature and dried outside. 

Washing at low temperature and drying outside enables to enhance the life of the bright colors.

On the jeans that have multiple layers of colors in the course of life, the design can change.

The jeans that have a substantial amount of paint are stiffer. Especially in the pockets and waist.

Framing the jeans and hanging like a painting can be also an artistic option. The photo of the Jeans hanging is indicative.

All the original works are accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity which contains the details of the work.

Preparation time for the shipment of the original works: 1 week
Average time for shipping to the United States with FedEx: 1 week
Average time for shipping to Europe with FedEx and customs clearance: 7-15 days

The shipment rate does not include the local import customs.