Cheer - Original drawing, Marker on paper, 2022 (14x17")

Type: Artwork

Cheer is a drawing that Clara made inspired by her Cheer classes in school. She portraited herself with two girls in the group that are always ready to help Clara if she needs them: Janice and Pay.

Clara likes a lot to have cheer lessons while in school. She has more difficulty when she needs to cheer during the games for two reasons:

1) It is cold for her to wear just the cheer clothing since we always have a slightly chilly wind in the late afternoon and night.

2) She feels that she is not rocking it because of difficulty moving her arms and legs and is a little bit shy.

In the artwork, the girls are happy dancing, with birds helping in the choreography and the sun keeping the environment warm!

Marker on paper, 2022
14 x 17"
36 x 43 cm