Canada House, Original Drawing, marker on paper, 2022 (18x24")


This is one of the best artworks Clara ever did because it is the first time she thought about the title, researched it, and wrote by herself behind the painting, imitating my way of doing it.

Yeah, before you ask how she wrote, I'll explain if she can not write. Clara drew the house and called it "Canadian House" to follow the series: "My houses around the world."
Clara has a world map on her wall. She knows where Canada is because Carlo taught them the world map when they were kids. She copied the name and copied it to the artwork.

It is a significant milestone for us and shows how Clara is maturing and constantly getting more involved in her art and business activities.

And by the way, the Canadia House is lovely. Do you know that Clara is also Canadian because her grandpa was?
With solid colors shows a comfy and big house with a colorful roof and direct light where Clara will be able to know her roots, meet some of her unknown family and enjoy the cold weather!

Acrylic on canvas
CW0714 - 2022
18" x 24"
46 x 61 cm

The frame is not included; the frame in the photo is for illustrative purposes only.