Brazilian House, Painting, Acrylic on canvas, 2022 (20x20")


"Brazilian house" is the third drawing in the series: my houses around the world. Clara has been motivated to draw and paint houses for the past two months. After all the moves we did in our transition period between Italy and America--11 houses and 16 months--she is happy to finally have a house to call her own!

This is the house that Clara dreams of having in Brazil. She went to Brazil many times when she was younger and always loved the vibe, the people, the locations, and of course, the food!

Clara's Brazilian house is small and colorful in Florianopolis, a beach city in southern Brazil. With yellow walls, a red roof, and some blue details, it is the perfect house to enjoy all Brazil has to offer!

Acrylic on canvas
CW0689 - 2022
20" x 20"
50 x 50 cm