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"My dream is to see my artworks hanging in every house in the world."

Do you think this is impossible? Clara does not.

Clara is an amazing artist who has the unique ability to convey strong feelings through her art. While her parents, Carlo and Betina, were managing their company in Italy, they also invested everything in motivating Clara to pursue her passion for painting and the possibility of creating a future. After being given a chance to exhibit her work for the first time at just 12 years of age, and receiving positive feedback, Clara and her family decided to persist.

Leonardo Macchi, an art specialist in Florence, Italy, said, after hosting Clara’s exhibition in 2019: "These artworks help us understand how eclectic Clara is and how complete she is as an artist at just 13. Clara is one of the most significant discoveries in art."

"Clara and Marco Biscardi, 2019"

Marco Biscardi, a recognized Italian artist, said: "Not only does Clara paint in many different formats but also with various styles that evoke powerful emotion. It's truly incredible how she can impact people's lives with her artwork!"

Throughout the world, Clara has collectors that invested in her art because it raises emotions and feelings that are often impossible to describe.

"Mago Deda and one of his originals paintings"

"I love what Clara does so much that I even tattooed her name on my wrist, so she is always with me, and when I need energy and strength, I look at it, and I know that I can do it." Mago Deda, Italy

"The big painting we bought took me back in time and reminded me to do what I love and live in the present" Robert S., Los Angeles.

"Clara and Karin in clara's Art Basel show in Miami in 2022"

"Clara's artworks speak to me deeply about how to look at the world. Her color choices bring strong emotions" Karin, Miami.


"Clara inspires me to believe in the capacity to love and create. She's showing others what is possible." Susan, Ohio

Hope for the future

Clara had a perinatal stroke (in her mom's womb), and the left side of her brain is compromised. Doctors said she would be a vegetable. This is important to understand Clara's art and her position as an outsider artist. Self-taught or supposedly naïve artists make outsider art with typically little or no contact with the conventions of the art world. Often, outsider art illustrates extreme mental states, unconventional ideas, or elaborate fantasy worlds. Clara's art is raw and unpredictable, which brings a contrast of feelings at the same time: power and weakness, sadness and happiness, and love and hate.

Many people prefer to buy inexpensive paintings from department stores, but let's face it, you know that an artist is much more than that. Clara's artworks carry much more than just paint. They have feelings converted through the brush strokes into love and resilience.

When it is hanging on your wall, you will look at it daily and remember that anything is possible. It will bring you joy, happiness, and hope for your future. Clara's paintings convey this. It's much more than buying a pretty image to decorate your home; it is an artwork that brings powerful emotions and reminds us about overcoming difficulties and never giving up.

After the first exhibition and the positive answer from everyone, the Woods Family decided to continue the work they were doing with Clara. In July 2018, Clara was the first kid in Italy the own a business. Betina and Carlo decided not to open a non-profit so Clara could be seen as the artist she is and not be defined by her disability. 

Betina was managing both companies, and in March 2019, she decided to follow her heart, sell her company, and work just for Clara's business. Since then, the family has been investing in the Clara Woods Collection brand to make things happen. The Woods's dream was to live in California, they applied for an American visa, and Clara got it as an extraordinary talent. They moved from Italy to Huntington Beach, Ca, during Christmas in 2020.

Clara has already sold more than 750 artworks worldwide. All the paintings are delivered with a certificate of authenticity that includes the serial number, year of creation, picture, material, and two signatures of the team staff showing it is Clara's art.

Clara's artworks are signed behind, and it always includes the information in the certificate.

Laura Toselli, an Italian collector, says: "I like Clara's artworks because they are colorful, sincere, and vibrant. I fell in love with a huge painting of the family, which I gave to my family. All are simultaneously portrayed in a vast space that expresses freedom and complicity, painted with pastel colors that I love. I have it hanging in my dining room. The detail more brilliant is: Clara's signature is upside down!

Andrea Piombino, the first person to buy Clara's artwork in her first exhibition, says: I met Clara in 2018 at her first exhibition. I wanted to confront her art versus her disability, and I found myself in front of a beautiful show where I bought my first artwork. Clara is a promising artist: her creations are full of beautiful colors, and she goes from portrait to abstract to pop art to real-life stories! I collect more than 25 of Clara's artworks, which is also an investment.

Sarah from New York says: Your painting reminds us that joy lives alongside clouds and rain. We have had some tough times, as my partner was recently diagnosed with a rare neurodegenerative illness. Then I lost my job. On the day I got another job offer, we decided to celebrate by buying a piece of your art.

How lucky we are! Your spirit brightens our home.

Clara's pricing is defined by the "Art Coefficient," which is a score that represents the value of an artist's work, that is, the value linked to the artist's signature.
In the contemporary art market, it is a number used by artists and galleries to define the price of existing works of art with a simple mathematical formula:

[(base + height) x ArtCoefficient] x 10 = price of the artwork in ($)

The art coefficient evolves with time depending on the accomplishments the artist has. Some collections can have higher or lower coefficients depending on the material, technique, or theme.

At first sight, Clara's art may seem expensive, but if you stop to think about it, it's exceptionally cheap. Clara, aged 17, is a world-renowned artist with a story that inspires hundreds of people daily to look at life differently and not give up. 

Over time, Clara's works will continue to gain value, and those who bought it thinking they had purchased just a painting will be surprised by the positive investment they had made!

Whether it's art, a print, a drawing, or any object from the collection, all products are packed with total security so they can reach anywhere in the world without risk. We have already sent Clara's paintings to Italy, Spain, Kuwait, Croatia, Germany, Australia, Holland, Canada, and all over the USA. If you prefer something else to the artwork, you can return it within ten days of delivery.

Buying Clara's art today is more than investing in something that can generate profit in the future. It's about bringing more color and joy to your home and helping a young artist thrive in her career.

Clara's dream is to see her paintings hanging in every house in the world. Do you think this is impossible? Clara does not.

In Clara's world, anything is possible. Join her world too.

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