What is a perinatal stroke?

What is a perinatal stroke?

What is a perinatal stroke?

Perinatal stroke is a stroke in a fetus or newborn. It is a common cause of cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

 Diagnosis of this condition requires brain imaging.

 There are different types of perinatal stroke. Each has different causes.

Clara had a stroke in her mom's womb, which caused extensive brain damage.

In her case, it was an accident; doctors didn't find any reason why it happened.

After seeing the MRI they said clara would be a vegetable. We are so grateful she is not!

In one study, perinatal stroke affected about one in 3,500 live births.

About 65% of children with perinatal stroke will have permanent neurological deficits.

These may include one-sided weakness, epilepsy, speech and language difficulties, visual impairments, learning and memory problems, and behavior changes.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

As a family, we decided to accept Clara's diagnosis and do everything we could so she would have a fulfill life.



  • Dearest Clara, thank you and your family for sharing your story and their love with the rest of the world! You have changed my life. I’m now 60, but have been battling many disabilities since age 10 and for the past 15 years have found little to no joy in anything. Your beautiful family, story, and artwork has reminded me to keep the faith and that I too have a purpose. I want one of your paintings and will look every week until I can have one to hang in my home as a constant reminder to never give up. You are so right, there is always hope. You keep on painting and doing what you’re doing! With love and a huge hug, LAB.

    Lori on

  • Thank you for your beautiful art, Clara! I found you on Instagram! I also had a stroke, but when I was 54! They are not a great thing! It has taken me a great deal of time to heal from mine. I see you are doing fantastic! All my love!

    Elizabeth Alexander on

  • Such an inspiring story way to go Clara !! My son age 3 also has cerebral palsy

    Nikita on

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