What is a perinatal stroke?

What is a perinatal stroke?

What is a perinatal stroke?

Perinatal stroke is a stroke in a fetus or newborn. It is a common cause of cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

 Diagnosis of this condition requires brain imaging.

 There are different types of perinatal stroke. Each has different causes.

Clara had a stroke in her mom's womb, which caused extensive brain damage.

In her case, it was an accident; doctors didn't find any reason why it happened.

After seeing the MRI they said clara would be a vegetable. We are so grateful she is not!

In one study, perinatal stroke affected about one in 3,500 live births.

About 65% of children with perinatal stroke will have permanent neurological deficits.

These may include one-sided weakness, epilepsy, speech and language difficulties, visual impairments, learning and memory problems, and behavior changes.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

As a family, we decided to accept Clara's diagnosis and do everything we could so she would have a fulfill life.