The Story Behind "Heart of Dreams" - artwork by Clara Woods

The Story Behind "Heart of Dreams" - artwork by Clara Woods

The Story Behind "Heart of Dreams" - artwork by Clara Woods

The Story Behind "Heart of Dreams"
"Heart of Dreams" is a vivid expression of Clara’s emotions as she prepares for adulthood. Despite her fears, she is adapting, changing, and staying hopeful. The artwork features two smiles, symbolizing the importance of happiness regardless of circumstances. Clara created this piece as her last painting in our Huntington Beach home, marking the end of an era since our arrival in the United States, filled with challenges and victories, including her recovery from a major surgery and the completion of high school.

Why "Heart of Dreams" is Special for Collectors
Collectors purchasing this piece are not just investing in original art from the Clara Woods Collection; they are also acquiring a symbol of resilience and hope. "Heart of Dreams" serves as a daily reminder that, despite any circumstances, one can dream big and keep going. This piece is more than just a beautiful artwork—it’s a motivational sign to never give up. It also makes a thoughtful gift idea for art lovers, inspiring them every day.

Starting Your Art Collection
Starting an art collection is an exciting journey, and there’s no better way to begin than with the work of an emerging artist like Clara Woods. Her artwork not only has the potential to increase in financial value but also carries a powerful story behind it. By investing in Clara Woods' paintings, you are supporting her artistic journey and adding a piece of her inspiring story to your collection.

Clara Woods' latest masterpiece, "Heart of Dreams," will be available as a time-limited edition print on July 18 - Sales end on Monday, July 22 at 11:59 pst time.

This exclusive artwork not only marks a significant milestone in Clara’s artistic journey but also celebrates her transition from high school to adulthood.

The original piece, 36x24 inches (91x61 cm) acrylic on canvas,
and limited edition prints will be available in sizes:
A1 (33.1x23.4 inches, 84.1x59.4 cm) framed or unframed
A2 (23.4x16.5 inches, 59.4x42 cm) framed or unframed
A3 (16.5x11.7 inches, 42x29.7 cm) framed or unframed

Early Access for Newsletter Subscribers Subscribers to our newsletter will enjoy exclusive early access on July 17. Make sure you’re subscribed to secure your chance to own this unique piece before anyone else.

We can't wait!


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