Rise and Shine - mini documentary

Rise and Shine - mini documentary

Rise and Shine - mini documentary

In June 2021 Re-wind productions produced a documentary about Clara and her family and the whys behind their goals named “Rise and Shine” and distributed on YouTube.

This is the story of Clara Woods, who had a prenatal stroke, and tells us how to transform obstacles into a life of achievements. This is a story that demonstrates how love for art can help overcome difficulties. This is the story of a family that with resilience and love is trying to include Clara in this world and build a future with great opportunities for her and for those that feel different from others!

Clara Woods Collection is a project that through Clara's art and life wants to talk about diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity.

The philosophy of the brand is to create art and fashion in an inclusive way and to raise the diversity that exists in each of us.

Our mission is to look beyond the limitations of each and through colors, shapes, fabrics, art, music, and poetry to give experiences that lead to a concrete change in seeing and especially in living diversity.

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