New York Weekly Article - April 2022

New York Weekly Article - April 2022

New York Weekly Article - April 2022

How Betina Genovesi’s Unconditional Love and Support Helped Her Daughter and Talented Artist Clara Woods Accomplish Remarkable Success

The art scene is very cutthroat, and it can be grueling to navigate for anyone. However, having a great support system can make the experience much easier and better. For the talented young woman Clara Woods, what helped her rise to the top of the industry was the unconditional love of her mother, Betina Genovesi.

The 16-year-old painter had a prenatal stroke, and as a result, she is unable to write, read or speak. Yet despite this, the incredible teenager has found a way to express herself through art. She takes inspiration from her muse, the famous Frida Kahlo. Because of the teen artist’s exquisite masterpieces, she has accomplished remarkable success. She had her first exhibit in 2018 in her hometown of Florence, Italy.

From there, she has taken over the global scene and has showcased her creations in over 30 exhibitions on three continents. She has also sold more than 650 paintings all over the world. In addition, the young girl moved to California after she was granted an American visa due to her extraordinary talent.

On top of being an international artist, Clara is a brilliant beacon of hope that challenges the norms and pushes the boundaries of the art world. She is a testament that having a disability does not hinder a person from achieving their goals. In December 2021, the one-of-a-kind teenager was invited by the LVMH group to exhibit in Miami during Art Basel to celebrate the international day of people with disabilities.

Behind all of Clara Woods’ stellar accomplishments is her mother, who has dedicated her life to advocating and supporting her daughter. Betina Genovesi was a former business owner who ran and managed her company. Betina saw an opportunity to create a business around Clara and her art. Betin’s dream is to create something where in the future it can open up to other talents with disabilities or diversities to rise and shine as Clara did.

Together with Clara, she has created the Clara Woods Collection. The brand serves as an online portfolio for the gifted artist, and at the same time, it is a platform that spreads awareness about women empowerment and disability empowerment.

As the inspiring mom insightfully explained, “We dream of having more opportunities and of showing the world that it is possible for people with disabilities to follow their dreams and to have a good life.”

The insightful woman went on to say, “I think it is important to chase your dreams even when everyone, even your own family, discourages you. We had many situations that were so challenging, and we felt alone because people think that because Clara has a disability, she should go to an institute, and we should live our lives. I think it is so nice to dream together with Clara, develop her talent and create something around these.”

Betina Genovesi is an excellent example of an empowered woman who is making a difference not only for her family but in the community as well. Moving forward, the loving mother intends to help Clara achieve all of her dreams while continuing to champion her advocacy of inclusion and diversity, especially within the art and fashion industry.


By Winston Miller
Clara Woods in New York Weekly

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