LVMH Pop Up - Art Basel Miami

LVMH Pop Up - Art Basel Miami

LVMH Pop Up - Art Basel Miami

In November 2021, we got a call from a friend and an advocate for people with disabilities Haleigh Rosa. Haleigh asked if we wanted to exhibit in Miami, during Art Basel, in the Pop-Up art gallery created for the Louis Vuitton group to celebrate the international day of people with disabilities.

After I said yes and hung off the phone, I started screaming and then crying. Our first exhibition in the US, what an accomplishment!

It was a tremendous experience for all of us! We had a great time, met many new and exciting people, and sold eight artworks. Clara was so happy to be there; she enjoyed every minute.

The exhibition had two other amazing artists: Cruise Bogle and Glenneisha.

We had a cocktail party, with many people and even Mr. Fabolous, a famous rapper, that came to check the exhibition. Louis Vuitton also prepared a tribute to Virgil Abloh with Clara's portrait of Virgil. They dedicated a wall for this artwork, and they wrote the phrase: Virgil was here, used in the Louis Vuitton man fashion show to celebrate him.


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