Freedom, courage, hope: in a mosaic the example of seven women

At the Tafuro Park, on the railroad wall, an artistic project by OperLabArt: the faces of Lady Diana, Liliana Segre, Emily Davison, Daniela Carrasco, Franca Viola, Yusuf Omar, Clara Woods.

On the wall that delimits Parco Tafuro from the embankment of the railway a mosaic of 20 square meters was created with the faces of some women, symbols of freedom and hope: from Lady Diana to the Somali sprinter Yusuf Omar who died in 2012 in a shipwreck in the Mediterranean, from Liliana Segre to Franca Viola, the first to have opposed her dignity to the social imperative of shotgun marriage.

And then Daniela Carrasco, human rights activist, who disappeared in Chile in 2019 (with all probability suicidal) and Emily Davison, one of the suffragettes, of those who first straddled the nineteenth and twentieth centuries for the right to vote for women. And finally Clara Woods, a very young painter born in Florence: due to a diagnosis of perinatal stroke, her life seems destined to be similar to that of a vegetable, but surprisingly for everyone, even for doctors, she is able to follow a path of extraordinary recovery. She doesn't read, she doesn't write but understands three languages ​​- Italian, Portuguese (mother's language), English (her father is Dutch-Canadian) - and she manages to express her personality through painting. . When she was 12 she first showed her in Florence, then a series of exhibitions around the world. Her works are sold all over the world.