Clara "wrote" her first newsletter!

Clara "wrote" her first newsletter!

Clara "wrote" her first newsletter!

Hi everyone :-)

I'm Clara, I was born in Florence, Italy, in 2006, and I had a stroke in my mom's womb. Yes, the safest place in the world, as my dad always says! 

I started walking at three years old, and doctors always said I would be useless. But here I am today, doing many cool things and enjoying life!

I can't write, read, or speak. Yes, I can't write directly with my hands, but I can think, even in three languages (Portuguese, English, and Italian). I'm tired of letting others speak for me, so I decided to step in and help my mom present myself this time.

Life was always difficult for me, especially in school. I always wanted to have friends and be accepted as I am, but it never happened. The more I grew up, the more I was excluded from everything, which sucks. 

But I had so many good things in life, and I'm grateful. My dad is my hero. He always pushes me to do something everyone says is impossible, making me happy. 

My mom is the one that never, ever gave up on me. She is always there, trying to find solutions to create a space for me in society. To be sincere, sometimes I think it is too much, but I realize that without her dream to make things come true and all her work, my life would be without value in the society, so I think I need to follow her and be happy for that. 

I can't understand well the proportion of everything that happened and is happening in my life, but I know that I'm having so much fun; I'm traveling the world, meeting new people, and trying to make friends, and finally, I feel hope.

feel blessed more than ever that Jesus is with me. I feel loved by all of my community, and I love being between you, meeting you on the streets, having video calls, and interacting.

When I paint and draw, I can be 100% myself. I like so much to see my artwork hanging on someone's walls. It is like I can see a part of me in the canvases, and now it is out there. I'm thrilled when someone buys my art because I feel I have value; I think I'm someone who matters.

Now I'm tired of writing, you know I also have ADHD, so I have already concentrated too much.

Love you


PS: I forgot to say that I love my brother Davi, now he is weird because he is growing, but Davi always makes me laugh, and I love to go to the exhibitions where he is selling and talking with the people because it is too fun.


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