Oil Party, Painting, Oil on canvas, 2022 (20x20")

Type: Artwork

Oil Party is the first artwork that Clara did during her painting summer camp on the beach in 2022. It was Clara's second experience painting with oil, and she had a great time. She created three mesmerizing paintings that perfectly captured that time's unique experience and atmosphere.

Wow, what a fantastic return from summer camp! Not only were Clara, Dad, and the car full of oil paint, but the artwork she created was unlike anything else. The colors and textures are beautiful and really stand out.

"Oil Party" brings memories of summer holidays on the beach. The days impacted by: the wind; the intense sun was heating our bodies; the cold water from the ocean; and the spectacular noise of the waves!

Oil on canvas, 2022
Serial number: CW0720
20" x 20"
51 x 51 cm