Never give up, Painting, Acrylic on non woven and paper (36x39")

Type: Artwork

Never give up! How many times did you hear these words?
Now I'm looking at Clara's artwork named "Never Give Up," which reminds me of many times I thought about giving up. I'm so grateful I didn't!

In this one, you can see something not so familiar to Clara's artworks, at least until now: the background is built with so many lines in different colors that flyes in different directions. It is a big mess, but suddenly in the middle of all this, you have big eyes looking at you and a smile blu glittery mouth that says: Never give up!

It reminds me of many times when Clara didn't give up: Clara was around three years old and couldn't walk yet. I was alone with her for the night. At that time, we lived in a house with a high ceiling and didn't have a heater. It was a cold night. Since Clara couldn't walk, we cut the legs of the bed to make it shorter, so she could move quickly around.

Clara decided she would sleep with me that night. But I was trying to educate her to sleep in her bed. To make a long story short, Clara was all night crawling in the cold floor and dark room to come to my bed. When she arrived, I would take her and say: Clara, we have an agreement; you need to sleep in your bed.

So I would bring her back to her bed, and she started again on the same path until the morning. On one side, my heart was breaking, I felt so guilty, but on the other, I was so proud of her.

As she did that night, she does like this to conquer everything she wants. This painting is so representative of Clara's soul. When things can become confusing and overwhelming, we can every day choose to have a smile and don't give up.

Each one of us has different challenges. Clara is getting to know hers and how life can be tricky when you have a disability as she has. Art came into her life to reduce the communication gap between others and herself. Painting is her happy place, where she can be 100% herself!

Look at your life and open your glittery mouth, smiling and choosing not to give up, just for today!

Never Give Up
Acrylic and glitter on non-woven and paper, 2022
36 x 39"
91 x 99 cm

Do you want to know the story behind the material:

We worry for the planet, and we were concerned about bringing all the paintings to Miami and how we could decrease the environmental impact.
Clara's paintings are huge, creating a massive "waste" in packaging and shipping. Carlo found a suitable material (non-woven fabric) for the support that is rollable.
We shared with Clara this new material solution, and she loved it. Listen to what she said:
"This new material my dad found is lovely to create because I can have much more freedom than the framed canvas, where I'm limited to the canvas's size and structure.
Using a raw material is much more connected with my creativity and will to express myself than the framed canvas.
My collectors will have a blast hanging my raw version creating a versatile environment that expresses my essence: be different, be yourself."

All the artworks are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.