Coloring Sheets - Collection #1


Hey there! We're excited to share the first collection of Clara's coloring sheets.

They're easy to download, print, and start coloring right away. They make a great gift and are perfect for relaxing and de-stressing with one of Clara's iconic drawings.

If you're living overseas and want to get involved in Clara's world, downloading her coloring sheets is a great way to start. With just a few clicks, you can have access to her powerful and popular collection #1.

After ordering, you'll receive an email with a link to download a pdf. With this, you can print out as many copies of the coloring sheets as you want, or upload them onto your tablet for digital coloring!

Who's in collection #1?

Blue Eyes:  Blue Eyes is a special heart because he always looks at people with a positive view. He never judges and he is constantly motivating people. He loves to play tennis, go to the sauna, and play monopoly with friends.

Clara and Choco:  A self-portrait of Clara and her beloved guinea pig named Chocolate. In this art piece, Chocolate has three big legs, Clara is happy, and the sky is full of clouds in the shape of hearts.

Hudson:  Hey, my name's Hudson and I'm a German guy who travels the world. I live in an old Volkswagen T2 with my dog Bob. We love going to the beach and running in parks full of nature. I give surf lessons to live and I carry a picture of my beloved grandpa because I miss him so much.

Love Thoughts:  This is another self-portrait by Clara wherein she has elastic arms, symbolizing her ability to hug everyone, create art, and develop techniques to become more independent. The hearts coming out of her head represent her loving thoughts of hope and dreams that she knows will come true.

Harper:  If you're looking for a spunky gal with a heart of gold, look no further than Harper. This curly-haired woman loves to dance and take walks in the mountains. After making the decision to follow her dream, Harper left her old work behind to become a chef. She loves to cook Asian cuisine, which she learned while traveling in Asia. Though she sometimes feels overwhelmed and lonely, she never gives up. Her apron is even adorned with hearts to express her gratitude for all the universe has given her.