Be Yourself, Painting, Acrylic on non woven and paper (53x42")

Type: Artwork

Do you know that you were born to shine? It does not matter how you look, where you are from, or the activities you like to do. You were born to shine.
It does not matter your past, struggles, or failures; you were born to shine!
Why is it so difficult to embrace our differences and be ourselves?
Life is good. Everything depends on how we look at it.

Clara painted “Be Yourself” on a cloudy Saturday afternoon in one of her painting sessions to prepare for the ArtBeast exhibition in Miami during Art Basel week.
And I can say it was a powerful one.
The beauty of living in a painting session with Clara is that you never know what to expect as the next step. You can’t predicate anything, which is one of Clara’s art powers!

That afternoon Clara was in a perfect mood; she was experimenting with new ways of throwing the paint, which she loves to do.
A combination of colors that exploded with neon pink created a happy background that we could feel how cool it is to be ourselves. And suddenly, Clara makes a glitter party reminding us that we were born to shine!

As a parent, finding the right balance between art and educating Clara is challenging. We never know when we can say to Clara: take care, you are using too much paint. This was one of that times. When Clara, through all the yellow color. Inside of me, I was: OMG, she is doing it again!
But then she started to paint using a spatula and transformed that amount of yellow paint into a form that could be a sun, a flower, or a supermoon! You can decide what you see!

Are you ready to be yourself?! Let’s be different together!

Be Yourself
Acrylic and glitter on non-woven and paper, 2022
53 x 42"
134 x 107 cm

Do you want to know the story behind the material:

We worry for the planet, and we were concerned about bringing all the paintings to Miami and how we could decrease the environmental impact.
Clara's paintings are huge, creating a massive "waste" in packaging and shipping. Carlo found a suitable material (non-woven fabric) for the support that is rollable.
We shared with Clara this new material solution, and she loved it. Listen to what she said:
"This new material my dad found is lovely to create because I can have much more freedom than the framed canvas, where I'm limited to the canvas's size and structure.
Using a raw material is much more connected with my creativity and will to express myself than the framed canvas.
My collectors will have a blast hanging my raw version creating a versatile environment that expresses my essence: be different, be yourself."

All the artworks are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.