Our Journey with Clara's Voice

Our Journey with Clara's Voice

Our Journey with Clara's Voice

Hey there! I'm Betina, Clara's mom. Life with Clara is a bit like being on a rollercoaster that's both challenging and amazing at the same time. Every now and then, something happens that just fills my heart up so much, it's hard to put into words. Recently, Clara sent me a message that did exactly that. It was simple, but oh, so special.

Clara can't write the way most of us do, but she's got her own cool ways of getting her thoughts across. She's pretty clever about it, and I'm here to share some of the magic tricks she uses to chat with us.


Her iPhone Is Her Magic Wand

Clara’s iPhone is more than just a gadget to her; it's her voice. She uses this cool READ feature that speaks out texts for her. And when she gets messages in English, which can be tricky, she doesn’t just give up. Nope, she heads straight to Google Translate, switches it to Italian, and listens to it again. How smart is that?


Her Superpower

Now, get ready for this - Clara has what I call a “photographic memory.” It's like her superpower. She remembers words by how they look, not by sounding them out. With a little help from her phone's suggestions and the read function, she’s putting together sentences on her own. Watching her do her thing is downright amazing.


The Tablet Struggle

We’ve also got this AAC software on a mini iPad that's supposed to be a big help. But, to be honest, Clara isn’t a huge fan. It's slow and a bit of a hassle with her mobility issues. But hey, knowing Clara, she’ll figure it out soon. Our big hope for 2024 is to see her using this tablet like a pro. She’s already getting there, programming it with new words, pictures, and whatnot.


We're All Ears

This ride we’re on with Clara, figuring out new ways for her to express herself, is something special. And seeing her conquer each little hurdle? That’s the best part.

If you’ve got any tips or stories about AAC devices, or maybe just some kind words to share, we’d love to hear from you. Every bit of advice or encouragement means the world to us.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure. Here’s to celebrating every little victory and finding joy in the simple things. Cheers to every unique voice out there!