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Isaiah 41:13 Framed Art Print


Clara had some experiences with God in the past:
When she started walking.
When she was afraid that Davi couldn't speak like her.
When she gets angry because of her disability.
When she realizes her life could be so much different.
Going to church is an experience of love where you can find hope, friends, and understanding.
But sometimes, it is also frustrating because sometimes it is difficult to interact. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with healing prayers, and the healing never arrives; Sometimes, it is difficult to be included; Sometimes, it is challenging to be still because Clara has ADHD, so she brings her sketchbook and pens to church.
On the last Sunday of January 2023, Clara started copying the verse that the Pastor was preaching: Isaiah 41:13: "For I, the Lord you will hold your right hand saying to you: Don't be afraid! I will help you."
Now Clara's powerful interpretation of Isaiah 41:13 become a print! You can hang it on your wall and remember that God is with you always, even if sometimes it seems that He is not there!

Size: 10x8"
Wood Framed Print


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marcia Maxwell
Love it

I just love it. Very inspirational. I’ve put it so I can see it first thing in the morning to start my day. Thank you Clara you inspire me every day !❤️

Benjamin Spenkelink
Amazing artwork.

Saw Clara's art on the SBSK channel en knew I had to buy something. It had to be shipped to the Netherlands, which happened really quickly. There was even a little thank you note besides it.

Mark Celentano
From Celentano

5 star. I have my beautiful piece and sweet kind letter in a frame in my Room where all my Artwork is and personal items. I love it


Beautiful message. Got it for my mother. Ordered the Burger for me. We love you Clara and Family!