It all started in 2006 when Clara was born. She was always smiling and sunny, but I realized something was wrong.

To make a long, short story, we found out that Clara had had a prenatal stroke and, consequently, terrible brain damage. In the beginning, doctors said that Clara would not have an easy everyday life.

"Madam, your daughter cannot organize her brain. Your life will be tough. She will not be able to walk, run, talk, imitate. in short, Clara will be like a vegetable."

After the initial shock, we went to work to give Clara the best life possible.

In 2016 Clara returned to attend painting classes, but she destroyed her early works. Slowly, slowly she begins to express herself with colors, shapes, and a beauty that touches the soul. The artistic path with Astrid Hohenegger, her first teacher, was fundamental in her art.

In November 2017, I gave Clara a book by Frida Khalo; it was love at first sight. Clara identified with Frida's art and life.

One evening, sitting on the sofa, Clara opened the book on the page where Frida was in New York in her exhibition and said to me: "Mom, I would like to do my show in New York, as did Frida."

That evening she challenged me, and the rest is history!

As a family in 2019, we made one of the most difficult decisions of our lives: to sell the company in its best year to follow our heart and develop this brand. I also decided to fulfill an old dream of living in California. Thanks to Clara, that she got the visa as an extraordinary artist.

Today Clara and I are partners in this adventure, and we count on the 360-degree help of Carlo, Clara's father. He has proved to be a great facilitator of Clara's artistic work and knows how to motivate her to go beyond every limit. And we can only thank Davi, Clara's brother, for always being present and available, ready to help us in everything, but what he loves to do is be the sales manager during events!

Clara woods Collection talks about diversity, inclusion, and equality. Her art di lei also speaks of the hope of chasing a dream and the beauty of risking everything to pursue something unconventional. It speaks of love and resilience.

Welcome to our world!


Launch of the videobook "The incredible, unbelievable, unstoppable Clara!" inspired by Clara's history and published by The Brilliant Kid app.

Clara signs with C-Talent Agency

Launch of her first sneakers collection "Imperfection"

Launch of her second fashion collection "Rise and shine"
Launch of the video 'Rise and shine'

Opening of Clara Woods LLC. Clara and Betina become partners in this adventure.

Interview with Forbes Italia
Betina is on the list of Magazine F among the 100 women of 2020.

Recognition of Clara as an extraordinary artist from the United States. Departure for California.

Launch of the book 'Voce su tela' inspired by Clara's story. Written by Francesco Ciai, illustrated by Arianna Pisani and published by KM edizioni.

Launch of 'Clara Woods Collection' with her first clothing and accessories collection 'Take your passion and make it happen'
Exhibition 'Take your passion and make it happen', Milan
Clara began her modeling career with an advertisement for Milan

Exhibition 'I am back', Florence
Interview with Grazia magazine

Clara participates in her first residency in Materia Prima, also frequented by Keith Haring in the 1980s

Launch of the documentary "Superabile"
Mythical Interview with Marco Montemagno

Exhibition 'Firenze Mia', Florence

Exhibition 'Painted Words', Padua
Exhibition 'Clara Woods', Prato

Exhibition 'Art Studio 38', Milan
Clara you are recognized by Facebook and Forbes Italy as a reality that is bringing changes in Italy and enters the list together with Bebe Vio, Marco Montemagno, Valentino Rossi, Benedetta Rossi ...

Exhibition 'Dreams', London.
Show 'Autodafè'. lawn
Exhibition 'Painted Word', Monza

Exhibition 'The Great Masters', Bologna
Milan Fashion Week exhibition.

Exhibition 'Tre in Uno' together with Marco Biscardi and Katsu Ishida, Stia (AR)

Exhibition 'Divergences', Florence
Exhibition 'Painted Words', Torre del Lago

Exhibition 'Artistic Circle of Arezzo', Arezzo
Exhibition 'Stefani Bessi & Friends', Massa

Exhibition "Di Donne in Donna", Como (MI)
Exhibition 'And Art Gallery', Vicenza

Launch of the "Solo un gelato" initiative together with other realities to promote a more inclusive world open to diversity.

Exhibition in Miami, during the week of Art Basel.
First painting sold at auction.

Exhibition at the "Textile Museum", Prato.
Launch of the first calendar of Clara's works together with the Claudio Ciai Foundation.
Exhibition 'Officina Matteuci', Faenza

First exhibition at a museum. Michelangelo Museum

Exhibition in Kobe, Japan. Together with Katsu Ishida, the great Japanese master. Exhibition at 'Le Pavoniere', Prato

Exhibition at 'Limonaia del Palagio Fiorentino', Stia (AR)
Exhibition at 'Casa degli Ulivi', Barberino del Mugello (FI)

We open the Italian VAT number and Clara becomes the first child to have her own company in Italy. We choose not to have a foundation or association so that Clara's artistic value is recognized as such and not always linked to her disability.
Debut of the show "Painted Words" inspired by the story of Clara and conceived by Lavinia Costantino.
Exhibition at 'Walden', Milan.

Exhibition at 'ALEA - Contemporary Art Gallery', Rome

Collective exhibition in Ostia, Rome.

First exhibition in Florence. Clara was 12 years old. Article in the national newspaper 'Il Corriere'. Sold out.