Rhythms of Resilience
Clara Woods
Highly limited art print

Rhythms of Resilience is a cool artwork that Clara Woods and her dad, Carlo, worked on together. It's pretty much the backdrop of Clara's painting and cleaning her brushes in with Carlo's help in that painting while making Clara’s 2023 art collection happen. It's way more than just paint on canvas; think of it as their hangout diary, filled with all the times Clara goofed around with paints and brushes, then washed it all off like nothing happened. 'Rhythms of Resilience' has got these funky uneven edges that just scream 'unique.'

How long will it take for my print to arrive?

Your art print will ship within 3-5 business days. Delivery to the USA, Canada and Europe takes up to 4 days, to the rest of the world it can take up to 10 days. All purchases are sent with tracking and insured shipping. All purchases are shipped worldwide via DHL Express.

Are the prints archivable?

My art prints are designed to last and are printed only on archival art papers using processes that preserve the details of my work. The prints are stunning and contain all the details contained in the image.

What are the return conditions?

My work is made to order, so I cannot accept returns. However, if your print is damaged in transit or in the very unlikely event that it has a defect, I will replace it.

What happens if my print is damaged in transit?

If a print is damaged in transit, I will replace it. I will ask for some pictures or videos of the damage so I can provide them to the shipping carrier for insurance coverage.

How long will this print be available?

Until midnight on 18th March 2024 or until the entire edition is sold out, whichever is the sooner. This artwork will not be available again in the future.