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Anyone can dream big and make it come true.

Comprehend how to dream and make it come true and why so many people live the lives they always want.

Watch the free introductory class, and you will understand how you can start dreaming big today and how you can achieve it.

Immediate Access

You have immediate access to the method.

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Every 15 days, we have a live zoom meeting.

100% Money back guarantee

You have 14 days to have your money back. 

Many think the only way to improve their lives is to find a quick fix or a fast solution. But the truth is lasting change takes time and effort. 

It is not something that can be achieved overnight. If you are serious about transforming your life, you need to be prepared to do the work. 

It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. The rewards will not be immediate, but they will be long-lasting. 

  • Do you want to transform the pain of adversity in your life (grief, sickness, disability) into a dream and make it come true?
  • Do you want to change your life now?
  • Do want to learn from other people life experiences?
  • Do you want to stop struggling and finally make your dreams come true?
  • Immediate access
  • Live support on zoom
  • 100% money back guarantee

Wait, who is the girl in the picture?

Clara Woods

The girl you see above is my daughter Clara, one of my main inspirations to dream big. Clara had a stroke when I was pregnant, and doctors said she would be a vegetable. Today Clara is 16 years old; she can't speak, write or read but understands English, Portuguese and Italian.

When Clara was around ten years old, I worried about her future and what kind of work she could do. Working all my life in marketing, I thought Clara would be a perfect digital influencer because of her way of being. She is always positive, enjoys life despite difficulties, and influences people to see life differently.

Meanwhile, Clara was painting, and I gave her a book by Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist with a disability. She loved it and, inspired by Frida, Clara asked me to have her art exhibition in New York as Frida did. I said, yes, let's try! This, yes, changed all our lives forever!

In March 2018, Clara had her first art exhibition in Florence, Italy. Since then, Clara has exhibited on three continents with more than 30 personal exhibitions.

Forbes quoted her as one of the game changers; I was elected by F magazine in Italy as one of the 100 women of the year in 2020; Clara was granted an American visa as an extraordinary talent, so we moved from Florence to California. Clara also sold more than 700 artworks worldwide. 

To do all this and pursue my dream of seeing my daughter have the same opportunities as anyone else, I sold my company in its best year, left all my safety places behind, followed my heart, and here we are today!

I never imagined people would be saying these things about us: 


Based on my experience and my journey, I created a method called The Rainbow Plan. Since it is based on my experience, you can find it here, not elsewhere. The Rainbow plan has seven steps where you will follow seven important phases to start dreaming big and reach it.

It is less expensive than a Starbucks coffee a day! 

Betina, OK, everything seems so incredible, but how can we access it? 

The price is 779$, and you will have access to our content for one year. 

 You will be investing less than a coffee a day to be able to start dreaming and making your dreams come true.

Invest in yourself, believe in yourself, and start thinking differently, and big things will happen in your life. 

You can change the adversities you are living now in dreams and make them come true.

  • Immediate access
  • Live support on zoom
  • 100% money back guarantee

You will have access to the Rainbow Plan plus:

  • New exclusive content for dreamers will be uploaded every 15/20 days. Interviews with people that dreamed big and reached their dreams. Professionals that can help you and me in this journey (coach, athletes, mentors), tips, and new strategies.
  • Access to the Dreamers Facebook Group, where you can speak and exchange experiences with other people that are doing the same steps as you are doing
  • Access to the Dreamers Telegram Group will be a communication channel with all new information about the Rainbow Plan or related activities.
  • 01 zoom meeting every 15 days on Tuesday at 9:30 (pst time) to be able to share your doubts and experiences. We will be there to help you to grow and to reach your dream.


  • If you have any questions, we have a team that is ready to answer any question by email or text-message. Email to or text to +1 657 540 7768 

Who is Betina Genovesi?


In 2004, after I finished the university in Sao Paulo, Brazil, my dream of living in Italy came true. 

I started a new life in Florence, first working as a salesgirl in San Lorenzo Market, and in 2006, I co-founded my company in the power mobility market. 

In 2017, my daughter Clara that had a prenatal stroke and can't write, read or speak but understands three languages and is a painter, asked me to have her exhibition in New York as Frida Kahlo did. That night Clara challenged me, and I started working to make things happen.

In 2019 I got a chance to sell my business to invest in Clara's brand and an old dream of living in California, where we moved in December 2020. In January 2021, I was elected one of the 100 women of the year by F magazine in Italy for raising awareness for a more inclusive world. 

I can work for hours and get fuelled simply by a cappuccino, and I always hope to find a bathtub in the bedroom when we are on tour. I also have a list of questions for God, and I always wanted to be a secret agent: that might not have happened (yet), but for sure, I have joined a mission where getting bored is not an option. 

Who is the "Dream Big" course for?

  • For you that want to transform the pain of adversity in your life (grief, sickness, disability) into a dream and make it come true
  • For you that want to change your life now
  • For you that want to learn from other people life experiences
  • For you that want to stop struggling and finally make your dreams come true
  • Immediate access
  • Live support on zoom
  • 100% money back guarantee


You will need to work inside out some things in your life to get the best out of the Rainbow Plan, and it will not be a relationship like a teacher/student. It will be a place where we can share experiences, make mistakes together, and, step by step, reach our dreams. I want to celebrate with you the victories to achieve your big dream.

In the Rainbow Plan, I have developed strategies such as the PINK MAP that will guide you to find the four pillars to dream big: The real you, your values, your intentions, and your dreams!

I'll explain to you the POOL LAW, a strategic way of thinking and organizing your daily tasks to take action and become more conscious about your actions and the results you can have.

You will learn about the SELF LLR scheme that will bring you awareness about yourself and the actions you need to take to love yourself and respect yourself and your values. We will also talk about creating limits to reach your goal and finding your partners in crime to make your dreams come true.

You will also have access to learn about the FLOW WAVES, one of the keys that will bring your dreams to life and help you go into this journey with less anxiety and fear.

Those are our seven steps:

  • The Pink Power
  • The Orange Zone
  • The Yellow Matches
  • The Green Barriers
  • The Blue Motion
  • The Purple Ride
  • The Rosè effect

At the end of each lesson, Carlo, C lara, and Davi will explore their point of view based on the theme we are discussing, and they will bring new ideas and experiences that will help you see things differently.

You need to follow the order of the classes to be able to take the necessary steps to put your Rainbow Plan into practice. Some parts of the plan will take more time to develop, some parts less time and it depends on each one of you. Our advice is to start and plan to complete a module every 10/15 days because it will need some work inside and outside of you.

Most of the lessons will have support material that you will be able to download and use to help progress in your Rainbow Plan. Every two weeks we will add new material, mostly videos where you will be able to watch interviews, conversations with specialists, and some entertainment that will give you a boost to not give up and never stop following your dreams!

  • Immediate access
  • Live support on zoom
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Is it work for everyone? Yes, it works! But to work, you must dedicate yourself to listening to the lessons and applying the Rainbow Plan.
  • How long time do I need to dedicate to it? It depends on how fast you want to start working on your dreams and changing your life. 
  • I feel that I'm so far from dreaming in my life. Does it work for me too? Yes. You need to start!
  • I have already read a lot of books and tried so many things. Why is Dream Big the one that will help me to change? Because you will not be alone, we will have a zoom meeting every 15 days with everyone going through the same process as you. You can also access the Facebook group, ask your doubts, and share your experiences.
  • Do you provide other material, or is it video based? In most of the modules, we provide other material as a pdf with extra explanation, but video is the leading media we use.