Customize your Air Force

Customize your Air Force

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This is the first collection of Clara's Sneakers and it's called Imperfections!

Order a Nike Air Force One for yourself! Your measurements, the colors you want and Clara will use her imagination to create. What is the final result you will see only when it arrives at your home.

Nike Air Force One White

Measurement: After the order we will contact you to ask for the size of your shoes! 


Perfection: the condition, state or quality of being as free as possible from any vice or defect. But the sneakers are far from perfect! These sneakers have Clara's style and reflect her personality. Each shoe is unique and is ready to show its imperfections, paint stains and diversity. They are shoes that must be used by brave people who already understand that it's okay to be different, it's okay to be yourself!

All the original works are accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity which contains all the data of the work, the serial number, the photo and the signatures that certify that the art is by Clara.

Delivery time for creation Air Force 1: 30-45 days

Preparation time for the shipment of the original works: 1 week
Average time for shipping to the United States with Fedex: 1 week
Average time for shipping to Europe with Fedex and customs clearance: 7-15 days