Pinkster, the unicorn that brought lots of tears!

Pinkster, the unicorn that brought lots of tears!

Pinkster, the unicorn that brought lots of tears!

Let me tell you about Pinkster, a painting Clara made for a Rob, a collector. It took her weeks to finish because she wanted it to be perfect. Clara spent much time studying how to draw a unicorn and practicing her painting skills. Finally, with so much passion, she created a cool and different unicorn.

When we sent pictures of Pinkster to Rob, we were surprised he didn't like it. But that's okay because Clara's art is always unpredictable. However, after a week, Rob called us again. He couldn't stop thinking about Pinkster and decided he wanted it.

When Pinkster arrived at his home and opened it, he couldn't hold back his tears. It was such an emotional moment. Oh, I forgot to mention that Clara painted Pinkster in Florence, Italy, just before the pandemic. It was a therapeutic experience for her, and she learned how to draw a unicorn by watching YouTube videos.

Isn't it amazing how art can touch people's hearts? Even though the client initially didn't like Pinkster, it ended up being a unique painting that brought tears of joy.

Now Pinkster is a character in Clara's world! How cool is that?

Pinkster is the coolest unicorn because she is different. She's not your typical white and rainbow unicorn that you see everywhere. She's unique just the way she is - yellow and pink with a touch of white.

But you know what? Pinkster is a happy girl. Being different doesn't always affect her lifestyle, except for those moments when a few tears roll down. Pinkster loves playing golf and indulging in Mexican food. She has friends all over Clara's world and enjoys singing at karaoke nights. Pinkster is also a fashion freak who loves buying accessories from vintage stores. Let's take a cue from Pinkster and love ourselves just as we are.

By the way, Pinkster is also available as a Limited Edition Print. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and is hand-signed by Clara herself. But hurry, we only have a few left in stock!

You can hang Pinkster on your wall as a reminder that you're as cool as you are! Use the code PINKSTER at checkout to get 25% off and give your house a new spirit. By purchasing Pinkster, you'll also support the Inclusion Matters movement and empower voices like Clara's.

Watch the video to learn everything about Clara and Pinkster!


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